The streets in Moscow will be named in honor of two Soviet generals and the scouts

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in fotobounce on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge and the embankment of the Moscow river. 9 September 2017The streets in Moscow will be named in honor of two Soviet generals and the scouts© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

Street of General Artemyev and General Yakovlev will appear in the North-East and South-East of Moscow, and the street Zoe resurrection — in the North, according to the official website of the mayor and government capital.

«On the map of the capital before the end of the year there will be three new streets. Urban areas will be named in honor of General of the army, Ivan Yakovlev, Colonel-General Pavel Artemyev and Soviet scout Zoe resurrection,» — said in the message.

According to the portal, all names were approved at the meeting of the Moscow city interdepartmental Commission on the name of the territorial units under the chairmanship of Deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov.

As explained, Generala Yakovlev will be called the Projected travel No. 109 in the Lefortovo district, located between Aviamotornaya and Pond-Keys. This suggestion was made by Regardie, the portal says.

It is reported that the projected travel No. 227 in the North, which is located between Dmitrovskoe and Novodachne highway will become a street of General Artemyev. To perpetuate the memory of General invited the regional public organization «assistance to preservation of the heritage of the Moscow city Council».

In addition, will get a new name Projected travel No. 1285 in the area Running on the North of Moscow. It will be called in honor of the Soviet scout and children’s writer Zoe resurrection. As explained, in the years of the great Patriotic war she was in Sweden as the press-Secretary of the Soviet Embassy, gathered information on the political and economic situation of Germany and its war plans.