In Moscow for a conference on the life Sciences will come Nobel laureates

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A major international conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Russian specialist in the field of Sciences academician Vadim Ivanov, will be held 18-22 September in Moscow at the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry named after academicians M. M. Shemyakin and Y. A. Ovchinnikov Russian Academy of Sciences, which Ivanov has headed for almost 30 years.

As reported by RIA Novosti news Agency in the organizing Committee of the forum, the conference will bring together leading Russian and foreign scientists in the field of Sciences, including Nobel prize winners Ari Varshal, Aaron Ciechanover, Tom Sudhof, Professor Joseph Schlessinger, Michael Blackburn, and many others.

Only the conference will bring together over 40 international participants from USA, Israel, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia, Belarus, Uzbekistan. Will be attended by nearly 500 Russian scientists.

The conference program is nearly 120 lectures and presentations in the thematic sessions in many areas, including such as chemistry and biology enzymes search and selection of new natural peptides and proteins, biotechnology, innovative drugs based on peptides and proteins, bioengineering of plants.

There will be contests of reports of young scientists candidates and doctors of Sciences, and participants without a degree.

Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov (b. 1937) — chemist-bioorganik, one of the leading experts in the field of chemistry protein and peptide compounds. His works cover a wide range of problems of chemistry of natural and physiologically active compounds: chemical identification and spatial structures, chemical synthesis, elucidation of relationships between structure and function, the study of the molecular mechanism of action, directed the creation of new physiologically active agents.

A student and colleague of the famous Soviet scientist, academician Yuri Ovchinnikov and Ivanov made a huge contribution to the development of Bioorganic chemistry. They, in particular, has been studied the chemical structure of peptide compounds (relative to small molecules, similar in chemical composition with the protein) and their spatial structure, they also studied the molecular mechanism of binding of alkali metal ions in solutions and transport them through biological membranes by means of the so-called ionophores that it was important to understand how to apply some antibiotics.

Ivanov has developed the concept of the so-called tissue-specific peptide pools (unique to each living tissue «sets» of peptides) involved in the maintenance of a constant composition (homeostasis) of tissues in vivo. It was shown that peptides in tissues have a broad spectrum of biological activity. Isolated and structurally characterized more than 500 peptides, among which the compounds inducing or inhibiting cell growth and triggering the disintegration (cytolysis) tumors.

Fundamental studies of peptides was closely related to the solution of practical problems. Under the leadership of Ivanov synthesized peptides possessing anti-stress effect, somnogenic and immunostimulatory activity, and based on them developed synthetic vaccines against dangerous diseases of humans and animals. Created new drugs introduced in the industry and used in medical practice, including Likopid is an immunomodulator of a new generation and Deltaran — neuromodulatory peptide that increases the body’s resistance to influence of different stress factors.

Along with a team of scientists Ivanov was developed the technology of producing genetically engineered human insulin and experienced biotech manufacturing IBCH launched production of its two dosage forms.

In 1988-2017 years academician Ivanov held the post of Director of the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry. 2017 – scientific Director of IBCH.

According to experts, thanks to the work of Ivanov as Director of the Bioorganic chemistry Institute of the Institute in the difficult 1990-e years, not only managed to maintain a very high scientific level, but also subsequently to develop a new research direction at the global level.

Academician Ivanov — laureate of the Lenin and USSR State prize, gold medal of the RAS named after Y. A. Ovchinnikov, government awards of the Russian Federation in science and technology. Awarded medals of the USSR and the Russian Federation. The winner of the highest award of the Russian Academy of Sciences – a Large gold medal Lomonosov Academy of Sciences for an outstanding contribution to the development of Bioorganic chemistry.

In Moscow for a conference on the life Sciences will come Nobel laureates© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photosangelina prize: winners of 2016 and the history of the awards