Iraqi forces liberated the city on the border with Syria from terrorists

© Sputnik / Sarah Uredinial on the border of Iraq and Syria. Archival photoIraqi forces liberated the city on the border with Syria from terrorists© Sputnik / Sarah Noureddine

The Iraqi military has been freed from Islamic state group (banned in Russia) in the course of the operation on the border with Syria city Akashat and access to the international highway, it is reported in the statement of the army.

Earlier on Saturday, the Iraqi command announced the start of operations in the Western province of Anbar on the border with Syria. To the North-East of the city Akashat is a major stronghold of terrorists of the Islamic state in town of al-Qaim.

«The forces of the army, folk and tribal militias and tactical regiment of the police of Anbar province liberated the city Akashat completely», — is spoken in the message on the command page in Facebook.

The military noted that it was also unlocked road connecting Akashat with the international highway. Clean-up operations in the area are continuing.

* The terrorist group «Islamic state» (IG) is prohibited in Russia.