Deputy head FSIN kites spoke about the «shortcomings» of his jail

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotomonster Director of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia Oleg Korshunov in the Basmanny court of Moscow, which considered the issue of election to it measures of restraint. 14 September 2017Deputy head FSIN kites spoke about the «shortcomings» of his jail© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

Deputy Director FSIN of Russia Oleg Korshunov, the person accused of especially large embezzlement, told human rights defenders that realized many of the shortcomings of the prison, only when he was behind bars, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the public monitoring Commission of Moscow eve Markachev.

The court on September 14 Korshunova was arrested for two months – until November 13, 2017.

«Kites greeted us in a normal Jersey, prison garb, because, according to him, all the jerseys of the SIZO «Lefortovo» have not approached it in size. He also said that the living conditions are hard, many things in jail is forbidden to him or obtained, including the lack of proper products and diet food. In General, he noted that while in the remand prison began to understand many things that can be corrected»,- said the human rights activist, who met him in jail.

Markachev noted that, in General, Korshunov for his stay does not complain, despite the large number of small nuances. Most of all he was pleased that the jail to treat him well, talking to «you».

«So he says, what good medicine, normal attitude. However, sleeping while he is in the sweatshirt to stay warm, uncomfortable mattress and no TV. But to complain that he did not intend», — said human rights activist.

Korshunov accused of two episodes under article «Embezzlement in especially large size with use of office position». SK notes that Korshunov, head of contract service of the Federal penitentiary service, in 2015-2016, organized the conclusion of two contracts – for the supply of fuel and lubricants and food at inflated prices. The consequence considers that the actions of the Deputy head of the Federal penitentiary service and its partners the office was damaged more than 160 million rubles.