Died Russian historian, Hellenist Gregory Arsh

© Photo : Greek Cultural Centre in Mocquerysi Arches. Archive photoDied Russian historian, Hellenist Gregory Arsh© Photo : Greek Cultural Center in Moscow

Died Russian historian, a leading Hellenist, senior researcher, Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of historical Sciences, honorary Professor of the University of Athens Gregory Arsh, reported by the Greek cultural center (GCC).

Arsh died 15 Sep 92-m to year of life. A farewell ceremony will be held on Tuesday September 19.

«His contribution to the study of this excellent book is written, in the development of historical research and scientific bilateral relations makes the loss of Gregory L. irreparable,» reads the obituary.

EGC notes that the Arches 70 years of his life devoted to the study of the Greek-Russian relations during the liberation movement in Greece, he was the founder of this excellent book is written in the Soviet-Russian historical science. Arsh the author of many scientific papers, research activities of Alexander Ypsilanti, and John Kapodistrias.

Arsh was a participant of the great Patriotic war, was wounded at the front, awarded the order the red star.