Human rights activists have warned about the risks for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

© AFP 2017 / K. M. AsadПересечение border Bangladesh-Myanmar representatives of the ethnic RohingyaHuman rights activists have warned about the risks for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh© AFP 2017 / K. M. Asad

The charity Save the Children warns of the possibility of the death of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh because of lack of food, shelter and water, according to the organization’s website.

Earlier, the international organization for migration (IOM) reported that the total number of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh during the period from 25 August to 15 September, amounted to 409 thousand people.

«The scale of the influx of Rohingya arriving in (town) Cox’s Bazar is unprecedented, and this increases the burden on host communities and humanitarian agencies, in particular, if we consider that Bangladesh has been more than 380 thousand displaced Rohingya people until these last three weeks,» — said the head of representation of Fund in Bangladesh mark pierce.

According to him, many arrive in the country «hungry, exhausted and without food or water, leaving their homes out of fear for their lives». «I am particularly concerned that the demand for food, shelter, water and basic hygiene is not met because of the huge number of people in need. If families cannot meet their basic needs, the suffering will get worse and people may die,» said he.

According to Pierce, the country’s government has already accepted more than 750 thousands of Rohingya refugees, including those who arrived in the country before the crisis. «According to UN estimates, this number may exceed one million by the end of the year if the influx continues, including about 600 thousand children,» said pierce.

The humanitarian crisis in Myanmar-Rakhine state, bordering Bangladesh, is growing in intensity from 25 August, when Myanmar troops and security forces began in the state operation against Islamic militants belonging to the ethnic Rohingya (Rohingya).

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