In St. Petersburg, was arrested by police on suspicion of torture and fabrication of cases

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in fotobanka policeIn St. Petersburg, was arrested by police on suspicion of torture and fabrication of cases© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

Nevsky district court of St. Petersburg sanctioned the arrest of two former and three current police officers suspected of using torture against detained on trumped-up charges, reports United press service (OPS) municipal courts.

Earlier it was reported that staff of the urban management SK the Russian Federation together with employees of regional departments of the FSB and MVD of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region arrested: Artem Morozov and Andrey Barashkov, former Deputy Director and detective of the criminal investigation of the 70-th Department of police UMVD of Russia across the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg, as well as the officers of criminal investigation Department of the police Department Sergei Kotenko, Cyril Borodich, Alexander Ipatov and acting Deputy chief of police Michael Antonenko.

As they say in the message the OPS, all six detainees are accused of excess of powers of office with application of violence. None of the accused pleaded not guilty.

Frost and Kotenko were arrested Nevsky district court of St. Petersburg on Saturday evening. Sunday was also satisfied the petition for arrest Antonenko, Ipatova and Barashkova. The period of detention for Antonenko installed before November 14 for the remaining defendants until 27 September. In the message the OPS explained that the last term of a measure of restraint due to the end of the investigation period in this case.

The request for the arrest of Borodzicz will be considered on Monday, since the court time was allocated for data collection, characterizing the accused.

According to investigators, 26 APR 2017 Antonenko, Borodich, Kotenko and frost about one of houses along the Avenue of Solidarity were detained and beaten by a local resident who was suspected in drug trafficking. The police brought the man to the police Department, where he continued his beating, using a Taser and batons, and burned the nostrils of his nose with a cigarette. In the future, the suspects forged documents on the basis of which the man was prosecuted for drug trafficking, noted SK.

In addition, the office reported that on the night of 18 may 2017 Morozov, Kotenko and Ipatov went into a betting shop, located on the street Dybenko, damaged property, and also tore passports of persons were there, then took the guard at the 70th police Department. The police Department, they required him to testify about the alleged purchase of their property, obtained by criminal means. SK reported that while sheep poured hot water in the back of the victim, not allowing them to remove clothing. Not achieving the desired testimony, the suspects released the victim, stated in the SC.