Media called the place where the alleged grave of Jack the Ripper

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Serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, could be Thomas Cutbush. To such conclusion the researcher David bullock, who devoted most part of his life to establishing the identity of a serial killer. About it writes edition the Daily Star, the book says bullock The Man Who Would Be Jack («the Man who would be Jack»).

In the course of the research bullock examined the documents which were in a psychiatric hospital Broadmoor, where, as expected, died Catbus.

Thomas Cutbush, says bullock, meets the criteria under the description of Jack the Ripper. When a series of murders, he worked in London’s Whitechapel, hated prostitutes, was fascinated by anatomy and surgery. In 1891 Cutbush arrested for attacks on two women.

As found by bullock, grave Cutbush is the London cemetery Nunhead, formerly known as the cemetery of All Saints. According to the researcher, there was buried and the family Cutbush.

Jack The Ripper’s grave REVEALED: Killer who slayed prostitutes in revenge for sex disease

— Daily Star (@Daily_Star) 16 Sep 2017

Jack the Ripper – a nickname assigned to a serial killer operating in Whitechapel and surrounding areas of London in the second half of 1888. Nickname taken from the letters sent to the Central news Agency, the author of which claimed responsibility for the killings. Victims attributed to Jack the Ripper were prostitutes from the slums, whom the maniac slit his throat and then entered the abdominal cavity. Just on account of his six murders.