The damage from a spill of fuel oil into the sea in Greece could reach 500 million euros

© AP Photo / Petros GiannakourisМазут on the beach on the island of Salamis, GreeceThe damage from a spill of fuel oil into the sea in Greece could reach 500 million euros© AP Photo / Petros Giannakouris

Spill of fuel oil from the sunken in the largest Bay of the Aegean sea tanker caused not only a huge ecological and economic damage — loss of Greece could reach 500 million Euro, writes the newspaper «Proto theme.»

There is a risk of the loss of hundreds of jobs in the fishing, catering, tourism, parked yachts, rental of ships and trade, the newspaper notes.

«Huge damage to Piraeus and the coastal economy of Attica caused the indifference of the government, which gave oil slick to spread in the area of Salamis, without interfering in the course of two days. According to preliminary estimates trade associations and organizations in the region as a whole, the new situation will lead to major problems in the region, and already complex, in terms of unemployment, underdevelopment and social problems. Regional GDP may suffer losses up to 500 million Euro», — writes the edition.

In the area and they were excessive in nature, but the current oil spill resulted in complete pollution of the marine environment, the ban on fishing, cites «Proto theme» the words of the President of the Professional Association areas of Keratsini and Drapetsona Nikos Petsas. A former Vice-mayor of Piraeus Dimitris Katsikaris believes that the damage will exceed 500 million euros, although now it is difficult to calculate.

The publication writes that the loss bears all the entertainment in the Athenian Riviera from Faliro to vuly. In restaurants, canceled dozens of weddings and celebrations. Sea pollution will impact on the investment in Attica, the international investors will consider environmental factors when making decisions, considers the edition.

Greek tanker «Agia Zoni 2» sank on 10 September in the Saronic Gulf between the island of Salamis and the Piraeus. On Board ship there were more than 2.5 thousand tons of fuel oil and gasoil. Before divers were able to seal the ship, part of the oil got into the sea. An oil slick has reached the popular Athenian beaches of Faliro, Glyfada. The Ministry of health banned swimming in the area, doctors advise people not to be in areas of oil spill.