The government of Catalonia started a Twitter account a referendum on independence

© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina in fotoannunci action on the streets of Barcelona in support of the referendum for independence and the secession of Catalonia from Spain. 12 September 2017The government of Catalonia started a Twitter account a referendum on independence© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina the image Bank

The Catalan government has created an official Twitter account for the publication of information about the upcoming referendum on independence after blocking the event website.

The account @ref1oct now used by Catalan authorities as an official account of the referendum. According to the statement, the website is a clone of the referendum users from Spain can visit using a proxy server.

«Despite obstacles from the state, after the promulgation of the address of the site we were visited by 708 thousand times,» — said in a statement.

On Wednesday, the website of Generalitat (government of Catalonia), devoted to the so-called «referendum on independence», was blocked by a court decision. On Wednesday evening the Civil Guard went to the office of the company CDMón, located in the municipality of Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona province), which deals with the technical support of the website, was handed a court order, and the company’s employees blocked the domain. After the site stopped working, Chairman of Generalitat Carles Pujdeme published in Twitter «website-clone»

Earlier the Prosecutor’s office of Catalonia has requested the High court of Catalonia on the closure of all web pages associated with the referendum. The court accepted the request for consideration, but the final decision has not yet ruled.

The government of Catalonia is going to hold the 1st of October, the so-called «referendum on independence», which does not recognize the Spanish government. Spain’s constitutional court suspended all documents regarding the vote taken last week by Generalitat and the Catalan Parliament. Thus, all further actions of the Catalan authorities on the preparation of the referendum illegal.