The Union of Merkel and the SPD Schultz losing popularity a week before the election

© REUTERS / Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland (RTL MG D)TV debate, Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz. 3 September 2017The Union of Merkel and the SPD Schultz losing popularity a week before the election© REUTERS / Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland (RTL MG D)

Alliance party of incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU and the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) led by Martin Schulz, losing the support of voters a week before the election, according to results of a new poll conducted by the public opinion research Emnid for the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

However, according to the survey results, the CDU/CSU still increases its lead over the SPD. The Alliance loses one percentage point in comparison with indicators of last week and gets 36% support, while the popularity of the SPD is decreased by 2% — now for her ready to vote 22% of the respondents. As the newspaper notes, the lowest figure for the social Democrats since, as Schulz was nominated Chancellor of Germany in January.

Several the increased popularity of right «Alternative for Germany» (11%), the share of supporters of the «Left» is 10%, the liberal «Free democratic party» – 9%. Green save than last week (8%).

According to the survey, the majority of Germans believe that the growing popularity of the party of European «Alternative for Germany» led the political course of Angela Merkel. Such liability under the current Chancellor laid 58% of respondents.

It is noteworthy that over the past week have again increased the popularity of Schulz as a candidate for Chancellor. If German citizens could vote in direct elections of the Chancellor, Schultz would give their votes to 28%. At the same time, Merkel’s ratings maintained a negative trend, it would like to cast their vote, 46% of Germans — 2% less than last week.

Elections to the Bundestag will be held in Germany on September 24.