The US wants to allow exploration in the reserve in Alaska

© AP Photo / Becky Woggles. Archival photoThe US wants to allow exploration in the reserve in Alaska© AP Photo / Becky Bohrer

The US administration is «slow bends» for the first time in more than 30 years to allow exploration of oil and gas fields located on Alaska’s Arctic National nature reserve, said on Saturday the Washington Post, in which projects were relevant documents.

According to the newspaper, 11 August the acting head of Service of protection of fish resources and wildlife James Kurt instructed the regional Director of the office for Alaska to change the rules for the conduct of exploration, introduced in 1984 and 1986. «At the completion of the new regulations will allow you to submit requests for approval of new plans of exploration,» wrote Kurt.

The final word in this case for the United States Congress. However, as the paper emphasizes, the first step in the exploration of the reserve with an area of almost 80 thousand square kilometers should be seismic surveys, and the Ministry of internal Affairs, which in the United States engaged in natural resources, «changes existing since the 1980-ies the regulations in order to allow such work.»

Disputes on the development of Arctic energy resources in the United States has been underway for several decades. And if the Democrats, along with environmentalists oppose, the Republicans insist on the permission of fuel production in the reserve in Alaska.