In Iraq and Syria, there are 445 children from Russia

© Photo : SANAВоенная operation in Deir ezzor. Archive photoIn Iraq and Syria, there are 445 children from Russia© Photo : SANA

The database of the Ombudsman for the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova contains information about 445 children from Russia, being in a combat zone in Iraq and Syria, almost 28% of them under the age of three.

«While we’re on the 445 children who are in our database, among which about 28% of children are children up to three years. It’s a small children», — said Kuznetsova told reporters.

The Ombudsman said that the database does not include all Russian children on the territory of the fighting. She noted the importance of the study and replenishment of the data in the database.

Earlier Kuznetsova reported that we are talking about about 500 children taken to countries in the Middle East. The Ombudsman also expressed concern that children at this age, with greater risk can forget their native language.

Earlier, Kadyrov posted a Instagram video RT, filmed in an orphanage in Baghdad and telling about Russian children, whose parents joined the terrorist organization «Islamic state»*, took them out of the country, and then abandoned after the liberation of the Iraqi Mosul. Kadyrov expressed hope that the families of these children recognize them and write to a special address. He later said they found relatives of four Russian children.The search for relatives of orphans began after the report of the TV channel Russia Today from a shelter in Baghdad.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.In Iraq and Syria, there are 445 children from Russia© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in photopackager announced the continuation of the campaign for the return of children from Syria and Iraq