In Odessa acquitted the defendants on may 2 sent to jail

© Photo : Public information centricity near Illichivsk district court after his acquittal in the case of the events of 2 may 2014 in Odessa. 18 Sep 2017In Odessa acquitted the defendants on may 2 sent to jail© Photo : Public information center

Justified in the case of the tragedy on may 2, 2014 in Odessa, supporters of the «anti-Maidan» Sergey Dolzhenkov and Russians Evgeny Nefedov, which brought new accusation in infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine, sent to jail, told RIA Novosti lawyer Nefedov Valentin Rybin.

In the case of the events in the Greek area, where during the riots killed six people, held 19 accused, five of them were in jail. According to local media, the court considered only the actions of activists of «antimiani», which was accused of provoking their supporters to action against participants of euromaidan. While two of the victims are considered activists «evromaydana» and four supporters of the Kulikovo field. The court Monday found the proponents of the «antimiani» not guilty, but two of them were detained on the new charges.

«They are again taken to jail, will elect a measure of restraint. Now they are in jail. A measure I think will be elected tomorrow, day after tomorrow, max,» said Rybin.

The lawyer believes that the new charges against the defendants in the «case 2 may» damage the image of Ukraine.

«Complete hogwash, everyone understands what’s going on. I think the damage Odessa oblast Prosecutor’s office and the SBU (security Service of Ukraine) is applied to the image of Ukraine will be simply disastrous, as this case is on control at the international community and the OSCE, and the UN. The effect will be absolutely the opposite,» said Rybin.

After the coup d’etat in Ukraine, the activists of «antimiani» in the protest tent camp in Kulikovo field in Odessa. Day 2 may 2014 in the heart of the Greek area began a scuffle between activists of «antimiani» on one side and football «ultras» from Kharkov and Odessa, and radicals «euromayday» on the other. The fight ended with the destruction of the tent camp and the burning House of trade unions where took refuge the representatives of «Maidan». At the same time many of those who tried to escape from the crowd of radicals shot.

The victims of the tragedy that day was 48 people, six — near Greek square and the shopping center «Athena» (two of them died in hospitals), 42 — on the Kulikovo field and the House of trade unions (three of them died in hospital). Six people died from gunshot wounds, ten fell out of the Windows of the burning building and broke, 32, died from burns and poisoning with carbon monoxide. More than 250 people were injured.