In the theater «modern» plans for the new season

© Photo : provided by the theatre «modern»Scene from Love in two acts at theatre in the modern production of TV presenter Andrey Maksimov. Archive photoIn the theater «modern» plans for the new season© Photo : provided by the theatre «modern»

The following year the theatre «modern» will be devoted to Leo Tolstoy, the troupe will put two pieces — «War and peace» and «Tolstoy and Stolypin,» said Monday the theatre’s artistic Director Yuri Grymov.

«Next year at our theatre, we decided to do a year of Leo Tolstoy. We will deliver «War and peace» and the second piece put it, «Tolstoy and Stolypin.» It’s such an unexpected piece, the conversation of the Russian people of responsibility. This is a fictional story based on the diaries of Tolstoy,» Grymov said.

He noted that the theatre put in a new season of performances of «brave new world», «Doll on the roundness of the Earth», «Julius Caesar.» He stressed that the old plays, on which spectators do not go, will be close.

«It is the performances that go for ten or fifteen years, there is already some fatigue and the one who would have looked» — he explained.

Also, the theater plans to run a children’s drama performance «Masha and the bear» based on a movie and selling tickets to several of the Premier theatre. In the new season of «modern» also intends to go on tour to Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Tokyo.