Kazakhstan to involve children in religious organizations will be more dangerous

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Kazakhstan needs to toughen the penalties for involving children in questionable religious organizations, the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs, defense and security of Majilis (lower chamber) of Parliament Maulen Ashimbayev.

«Today raises many questions the activities of organizations engaged in religious education of children. There are about 1 thousand educational institutions that teach religion every year about 30 thousand of our children. However, they are known as training centers, boarding schools, summer camps, funds, rates», — said Ashimbayev during the governmental hour devoted to the situation in the sphere of religious activities.

According to the MP, in most cases the competent authorities do not possess information about the activities of such organizations.

«According to the Prosecutor, some of them are quite questionable centers. Thus the involvement of children in religion. The danger of this situation is that children in these institutions can fall under the influence of destructive religious movements. It should, in our view, to consider the question of toughening of responsibility for involving children in activities of a dubious religious institutions», — said Ashimbayev.

Currently in leadership of a religious Association in case of involvement in its activities under the objection of one parent may be subject to administrative punishment in the form of a fine.