Ovsyannikov sees Sevastopol third capital of Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vasily Latanoprost in photobacteria Ovsyannikov. Archival photoOvsyannikov sees Sevastopol third capital of Russia© RIA Novosti / Vasily Latanoprost the image Bank

The Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov said that he sees the hero city the third southern capital of Russia.

Monday Ovsyannikov took the oath and officially took office.

«We will develop Sevastopol as the third capital of Russia, the southern capital of Russia, as the center of gravity for the entire country. Together we will achieve good results, all it will do for our children and for the glory of our ancestors», — said Ovsyannikov at a ceremony on the occasion of the inauguration.

Elections of the Governor of Sebastopol went to the single voting day on September 10. For Ovsyannikova voted 71,05% of the voters. The Governor is the highest official of the city is elected for a term of 5 years.