Sakhalin fisherman died at the paws of a bear

© Alex Bezrucovy bear. Archival photoSakhalin fisherman died at the paws of a bear© Alexey Bezrukov

Fisherman on Sakhalin died after being attacked by a bear, told RIA Novosti source in the regional Ministry of forest and hunting economy.

About the missing men said on the eve of his relatives. Two families went to relax at the river Month in Aniva district, stopped at the mouth, with the village Uryum. The man took the bait and went fishing. Family and friends missed him when I wanted to call for dinner. However, the cries he did not answer. Relatives are first sought it themselves, and then went to the police.

«Today discovered a man’s body with the characteristic wounds,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In early September, a bear killed a 70-year-old hunter on the island. Before his death, the man managed to wound the predator. Hunters still have not found the beast.