The Catalan government refused to negotiate with the Spanish government

© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina in fotoannunci action on the streets of Barcelona in support of the referendum for independence and the secession of Catalonia from Spain. 12 September 2017The Catalan government refused to negotiate with the Spanish government© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina the image Bank

The government of Catalonia is currently not conducting any negotiations with the Spanish authorities about the so-called «referendum» on October 1 and subsequent events, said the Deputy Chairman of Generalitat Mr. Oriol Junqueras.

«We are supporters of dialogue, trying to speak with all. We tried 18 times in the Congress of deputies (to put the question on the referendum – ed.) and 18 times they refused. There is no negotiating with the Spanish government about the 1st of October. We have repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to dialogue», — said Junkers at a press conference for foreign journalists.

He reminded that on 1 October in Catalonia will hold a referendum. «We will have ballot boxes and ballots,» — said Deputy Prime Minister of Catalonia. «A referendum is not a crime», — said Junqueras. According to him, in the Spanish law, the referendum is not illegal.

«We are in the framework of international law, which provides for the right to self-determination. There is a legitimate base. It is clear that the Spanish government does not share this opinion», — said Junqueras. According to the politician, the most important task is «the best relations with all, including with Spain.» In his opinion, Catalonia continues to be part of the European Union, since «the EU has no exception mechanism». «Just on their own. If there is no mechanism for how they’re going to exclude?» — said the politician.

Junkers acknowledged that «there are an infinite number of scenarios» of events October 1 and thereafter. «My goal is to make the citizens unable to vote. Since we know that the Spanish government wants to prevent a vote, we do everything to ensure the opportunity to vote,» he said.

The Vice-President of the Catalan government confirmed that if the «referendum» of October 1, won by the supporters of secession from Spain, it will be independent, but if opponents will be dissolved the Catalan Parliament. According to him, the minimum turnout is not required, because now the Catalan authorities to «play by the usual rules», in particular, on the referendum in Spain (for example, about joining NATO) the minimum turnout was not.

The conflict between Generalitat and the Spanish authorities, he does not consider «the conflict between Catalonia and Spain». «This is about democracy-democracy, between authority and the right to freedom of speech, do we respect our fundamental freedoms. In this conflict,» he said.

Commenting on the decision of the Spanish government to assume the majority of the costs of the Catalan budget, Junqueras said that de facto, the application of article 155 of the Constitution, which provides for the deprivation of autonomy. This decision he considers unfair. «We very much reduced the budget deficit in Catalonia have 85% of the deficit reduction from all Spanish Autonomous regions. Madrid uses measures that have nothing to do with fiscal stability. Intervene, not because we did poorly, but because we did well. They say to guarantee a stable budget, but it’s not,» said Junqueras.

On Friday, the Spanish government stated that it assumes principal payments, which previously were in the hands of the Catalan government.

The Catalan government refused to negotiate with the Spanish government© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotoreceptori Madrid and Barcelona