The exhibition in Moscow will produce a sausage of duck weighing half a ton

© RIA Novosti / Egor Rememberace in photobackgrounds sausages. Archival photoThe exhibition in Moscow will produce a sausage of duck weighing half a ton© RIA Novosti / Egor Removeroute the image Bank

The company «Donstar» (included in GC «Evrodon» — the largest Russian producer of Turkey) on Monday started production of the nation’s largest sausage of duck; product weighing half a ton to try will be from 4 to 8 October at the exhibition in Moscow, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the company Olga Grekova.

The event takes place in the framework of the festival of Russian duck, which started in Saint-Petersburg last weekend. Until the end of October it will cover about 30 cities of Russia.

«This year we decided to make a record of the dish – a five-meter sausage of duck, two feet in diameter. Manufacturing we started today,» said Grekov. She said that cooked sausages will be in manufacturing company in Millerovskiy district of Rostov region.

To obtain the necessary 500 pounds of duck meat, it will need 350 kilograms of calf meat and 150 pounds of chicken breast. The stuffing will add 20 pounds of spices and 12 kg of salt. Thermal study will be conducted over 10 hours. For forming the sausage was cooked the necessary sheds and equipped a special area.

«After cooking the sausage in a special refrigerator will go to the exhibition «Golden autumn» at ENEA in Moscow, where it will be able to try everyone,» — said the interviewee. She stressed that the sausage of duck is a novelty for the Russian market, especially such a giant.

«Evrodon» — the largest Russian producer of Turkey and Peking duck. The company’s products under the brand name «Indolina» is about 25% of the Russian market of Turkey and is supplied to 40 regions of the country. The group also includes the only in Russia complex for production of hatching eggs of turkeys («Ursdon») and the company «Donstar», engaged in the production of duck meat. In the year of «Donstar» produces about 30 thousand tons of duck meat.