The head of Transbaikalia has called the hunger strike of the local miners act of desperation

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivoluksky workers. Archival photoThe head of Transbaikalia has called the hunger strike of the local miners act of desperation© RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok

The head of the region Natalia Zhdanova considers that the situation with unpaid salaries to the former miners closed the mine in the city settlement of Vershino-Darasunskiy in Zabaykalsky Krai — the arbitrariness of the leadership of the mine, and the hunger strike of miners — an act of desperation, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Governor with reference to the head of the region.

Earlier, the head of municipal Union Alexander Okladnikov reported RIA Novosti, twenty former miners mine are in the auditorium of the administration and they went on hunger strike because of unpaid wages. According to him, the authorities of the settlement was informed about the situation of the owners of the mine company «Yuzhuralzoloto», the regional authorities and law enforcement agencies. Mine is currently not working.


The head of the region said that authorities will «protect the interests of inhabitants of region».

«The situation that has now arisen in the settlement of Vershino-Darasunskiy, I would describe as the arbitrariness of the leadership of the mine. Our inhabitants do not want anything supernatural. They require their legitimate rights, and we are on their side. I want to emphasize that the hunger strike is, of course, an act of desperation. And I understand that people were forced to take this extreme measure, since the payments according to court orders are not made for several months,» — said Zhdanov.

She stressed that in the spring after the strike the miners to resolve issues with arrears of wages to employees was created a special working group.

«In may, as soon as it began protest actions, we have established a working group which worked completely openly with the participation of the residents of the village. I myself was twice in the Top-Darasunskiy. We have achieved that the judiciary decided in favor of the employees. But, as we have seen, and the tenant, and the owner cynically evade enforcement of legitimate decisions», — said the head region.

According to her, the company is not permitted by the official representatives of the state labour Inspectorate.

«We will defend the interests of the inhabitants of the region. In this regard, I demand that law enforcement agencies, whose competence includes the issues, strengthened coordination, adopted the most decisive and urgent measures with respect to the company’s management and owner to restore justice and the rule of law, certainly ensuring the rights of Baikal», — said the Governor.

To obtain comments of the company have not yet succeeded.

In may it was reported that almost 80 people at the mine «South West» Darasunskiy mine in Transbaikalia refused to rise to the surface, protesting against delayed payment of wages for April. After the talks and the personal intervention of the Governor of the region Natalia me, a large part of the strikers rose to the surface. The management of LLC «Management company UGC», which includes the enterprise for extraction and enrichment of ores Darasunskiy gold deposits Darasunskiy Rudnik, announced the absence of wage arrears at the time and in the same month took the decision to close the mine «South-West».