The Museum Tsereteli at the child fell sculpture

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Cedarvalley of arts Tsereteli. Archival photoThe Museum Tsereteli at the child fell sculpture© RIA Novosti / Alexander Sidorov

The investigators launched an investigation after the sculpture fell on the child at the Museum Tsereteli, reported RIA Novosti senior assistant on media capital’s Central Directorate of SK Yulia Ivanova.

The incident occurred the day before during the tour, when the boy tried to take a selfie. The child touched the exhibit and he fell and injured his hand.

In an effort to make a spectacular shot around the world, people often indulge in unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening situation. In March, 13-year-old Italian Leandro Cheliya died failing to leave the track, where he was trying to make selfi on the background of the approaching Express train. Two of his friends were lucky, they escaped with minor injuries.

In April of this year, a young man from Tyumen slipped and fell from the 20th floor, trying to make extreme self on the balcony railing of the landing.