United Russia has prepared a plan to overcome the split in society

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The working group of the Supreme Council of «United Russia» in the state-party construction put forward a plan to overcome the rift in Russian society, writes on Monday, the newspaper «Izvestia», familiar with the theses of the report of the panel.

«The document… noted that «the modern Russian society on a number of criteria split into «us» and «them». To overcome this fragmentation is possible only with the help of discussions and healthy competition of ideas. The working group identified four major challenges in modern nation building: legitimacy, governance, institutions, representation, civil activity and human capital. Russia, according to the thesis, must move in the paradigm of «human development and uniting citizens’ values,» regurgitate «news».

«(The head of the Supreme Council) Boris Gryzlov is a party to change the approach to work and be guided in her thesis «Justice. Responsibility. Trust.» Justice is «consistent respect for civil rights.» Liability is «joint activities of different communities and cultures, organizations and associations, based on the ideas partnership». Trust is a value which is neither the first nor the second», — the newspaper writes.

According to the newspaper, the project is scheduled to present at the meeting of the Supreme Council of the EP on Monday, and its full version will be ready by mid-October. The source in party has informed RIA Novosti that to submit the final version of the report plan to the party Congress, which is expected to be announced the decision to support the presidential candidate. When the report is ready, it will be presented to the Chairman of «United Russia», Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It is planned to present the document to the President of the country Vladimir Putin.

Head of state-party-building Vladimir Pligin told the publication that in the preparation of the report was attended by all members of the high Council, including the governors.

«A meeting of the Supreme Council, which will be read the reports on the preparation of reports for the party will be truly historic event. It will define the strategic direction of the party, which will coincide with the forthcoming Federal election campaign 2018,» he told the newspaper.