Became known winners of the theatrical award «crystal Turandot»

© RIA Novosti / Maxim Belinostat Vakhtangov. Archival photoBecame known winners of the theatrical award «crystal Turandot»© RIA Novosti / Maxim Blinov

The actress Inna Churikova and Director Sergei Zhenovach named among the winners of the theatrical award «crystal Turandot» at the ceremony, which took place on Monday on the stage of the Vakhtangov theater.

«Crystal Turandot», awarded the Moscow theaters, actors, Directors and artists for the best work in the past season, awarded in several categories. They include best female and male roles, directing the play. This year’s list of nominations was even wider.

Honorary award «For valorous service to theatre, the honor and dignity» was awarded the Director General of the International theatre festival. Chekhov Valery Shadrin. Best Director of the theater named Kirill KROK — Director of the Vakhtangov awarded the prize «For the excellent organization of theatrical process».

People’s artist of USSR Inna Churikova was awarded the prize «crystal Turandot» for the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the play «the Audience» in the Theatre of Nations. And people’s artist of Russia Viktor Rakov was awarded for the role of Komagi in the play «Day of the Oprichnik» in «Lenkom». These roles have been recognized as the best acting of last season.

The best scene of the season is named Adomas Jacovskis. He was awarded the prize «crystal Turandot» for the set design for the play «Oedipus Rex» staged by Rimas Tuminas at the Vakhtangov theatre. This performance also received award as best play last season.

Artistic Director of «Studio of theatrical art» (STI) Sergey Zhenovach was awarded the prize in the nomination «best Director». He received the award for the performance «Master and Margarita» in STI.

The best costume of the season is named Victoria, she was awarded the prize for his work in the play «the Audience».

The winners received prizes based on sketches by Lithuanian artist Living in Kryukas.