Catalan mayors, support the referendum, refused to testify

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in fotoannunci rally in support of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia in Barcelona. Archival photoCatalan mayors, support the referendum, refused to testify© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

The mayors of the three cities in Catalonia, who support the so-called «referendum on independence», which according to the plan of Generalitat will take place on 1 October, refused to give evidence to the Prosecutor’s office.

Last week, the Prosecutor General ordered prosecutors in Catalonia to call for explanations, more than 700 mayors who have expressed support for voting on 1 October.

To the courts on Tuesday were mayors of the cities of Olhão (population two thousand), Pont de Suert (population 2.3 million) and Athens (with a population of 15 thousand people). All Catalan members of the European democratic party. All three have exercised their right not to testify.

Before the Prosecutor’s office held a protest, about a hundred people chanted «We are not afraid!» and «Vote!».

On Tuesday, the Civil Guard continued in Catalonia searches to find materials related to the «referendum». The searches were held in the offices of the company for the provision of postal services Unipost in the cities of l’hospitalet and Terrassa (province of Barcelona). Law enforcement officers searched for the letter from Generalitat citizens who have become members of election commissions. During searches in front of the office in Terrassa held a protest, which was attended by several dozen people.

During earlier searches of the Civil Guard was able to detect approximately 1.3 million different propaganda materials related to the «referendum».

On Tuesday, the Civil Guard also conducted searches in the city of Girona, the mayor of which the current Chairman of the government of Catalonia Carles Putteman was from 2011 to 2016, and in other municipalities of the province of Girona. The investigation concerns possible irregularities in contracts on water supply with Salt i Sarria during the management of the city Pusdienam. The day was conducted 15 searches. The operation is performed in the framework of the investigation about possible corruption at city hall, which is conducted on the basis of the claim of the left radical party «the Candidacy of national unity» since 2015.

The government of Catalonia is going to hold the 1st of October, the so-called «referendum on independence», which does not recognize the Spanish government. Spain’s constitutional court suspended all documents regarding the vote taken last week by Generalitat and the Catalan Parliament. Thus, all further actions of the Catalan authorities on the preparation of the referendum to be illegal.Catalan mayors, support the referendum, refused to testify© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotoreceptori Madrid and Barcelona