Dodon said that the attempts to appoint the defense Minister without his decree illegal

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in Photobacterium of Moldova Igor Dodon. Archival photoDodon said that the attempts to appoint the defense Minister without his decree illegal© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon has officially notified the Cabinet’s refusal to approve the post of defense Minister, Vice-Chairman of the people’s European party of Eugene Sturza and noted that the appointment to this position without his decree would be illegal.

Previously members of the government of Moldova decided to appeal to the constitutional court for clarification, what to do if the President again refuses to appoint a Minister proposed by the Cabinet.

«Gave the government official a letter in which they refuse to approve the nomination of Mr. Eugene Sturza for the post of defense Minister. As promised, not approved upon the second attempt, under any circumstances,» wrote an announcement on his page in Facebook.

He believes that the government is «inventing the process of participation of the constitutional court in the political combination». «If the current composition of the constitutional court will try to eliminate the institution of the President from the appointment process of Ministers and will again juggle the law in favor of the ruling coalition, he finally himself discreditied. And he will be responsible at the right time», added Dodon.

He stressed that as head of state «could not endorse an incompetent and politicized candidacy at the head of the National army». «Any attempt to assign it without a presidential decree would be illegal. This «Minister» will be illegitimate. It does not recognize neither the presidency nor the army nor the citizens. Military honor will not allow the military to be led by the Minister, imposed unconstitutional means», — concluded the President.

Dodon the end of 2016, signed a decree on the resignation of Anatoly Salaru from the post of defense Minister. All this time the post of defence Minister vacant, and the duties of the head of Department takes the George Galbur. Last week, the head of the democratic party Vladimir plahotniuc said that the Prime Minister would be offered the post of defense Minister candidate Sturza. However, Dodon said he does not intend to approve this nomination, and offered the post of Minister General Victor Gichuki, previously held this position. The Prime Minister disagreed with the recommendation of the President and re-proposed Sturza.