In Croatia, the army is struggling with the consequences of floods

© AFP 2017 / StringerЗатопленные the streets of Croatia after heavy rain. Archival photoIn Croatia, the army is struggling with the consequences of floods© AFP 2017 / Stringer

Croatian forces are engaged in fighting with the effects of flooding in the district of Ogulin and other places in the Central part of the country, said Tuesday the Ministry of defense of the Republic.

Abundant precipitation – up to 100 liters per square meter, has led in earlier days to the partial flooding of streets, homes and office buildings in Ogulin with Karlovacka County (County) and the surrounding area. According to the first data of the local authorities, the water came in about 1000 objects, another 400 are under threat. Was restored interrupted by the element of electricity, but the cleanup of the flooded area is complicated by the fact that meteorologists predict more heavy rainfall from Tuesday to Wednesday. It is expected that in the evening from the banks of the river will be Good.

«Seventy-two soldiers, 12 pumps for pumping water, 12 cars and one amphibious involved on September 19 in Ogulin to aid in flood disaster,» — said the Ministry of defence of Croatia.

It is noted that 259 military personnel armed in the barracks.

City officials and rescue service told the citizens about the need to store drinking water, food, medicine, matches, batteries for lighting, candles and other necessities for a few days. The sharp rise in the level of the river Kupa to seven meters are also expected in the Central town in the district of Karlovac.