In London presents a programme of events for the 100th anniversary of the Director Bergman

© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature in fotoballoon. Archival photoIn London presents a programme of events for the 100th anniversary of the Director Bergman© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature the image Bank

An ambitious program of exhibitions, theatrical performances, film screenings, timed to celebrate in 2018 the centenary of the famous Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman, presented Monday at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador in London.

«We believe this is a unique opportunity not only to pay tribute to the memory and legacy of the greatest Swedish film Director, but also to attract new audiences, to acquaint young people with the films of Bergman. The program of events in the fields of cinema, theatre, literature, visual arts spans the globe, from Los Angeles to Beijing,» — said the head of the Fund of Ingmar Bergman, Jan Holmberg.

The Swedish government has instructed the Foundation to coordinate events associated with the centenary of Bergman, has provided financial support for the project and allocated to the Swedish film Institute funds for the digitization of Swedish films.

«It’s amazing. Ingemar was by nature a loner, Islander. And now, many years later, the islanders will be around the world,» he said with a smile, the actress Liv Ullmann, once beloved of the Director, the star of his films «Persona», «Autumn Sonata» and «the Serpent’s egg».

«Each film was for him as a child. He was always near the camera, we all knew he was looking at us, so I probably did everything I could,» said the actress.

Today marks the official start of the centennial celebrations of Bergman, as the organizers say — for the widest possible celebration of the anniversary of any Director in history, but now, for example, in Helsinki Opera «Autumn Sonata», in Copenhagen — the play «Scenes from a marriage».

In the world there will be dozens of retrospectives of Bergman (including, according to the organizers, the Moscow International film festival, as well as in Croatia, Czech Republic, USA, Italy, Canada, Chile, Singapore, Austria and so on) will be released at least five films and television documentaries about the Director: one movie in Sweden, France and Finland and two in Germany.

Will be published in «notes of Ingmar Bergman» (Ingmar Bergman»s Writings), which will include diaries and unrealized scenarios. Fans of the Director will wait at least 50 new plays based on movies and diaries of Bergman, including a performance of «the Serpent’s egg» in Munich, a puppet show «hour of the wolf» in Koblenz (Germany), dance performance «the memory of Bergman» in Paris. Liv Ullmann in December of this year will present its production of «Private conversation» in Washington and the daughter of Director Eva Bergman — his version of «Fanny and Alexander» in Gothenburg (Sweden).