In Tambov region expect to collect 4 million tons of grain

© RIA Novosti/Avrora . Karina Saltykov, Sergey Beznosov grain Harvesting. Archival photoIn Tambov region expect to collect 4 million tons of grain© RIA Novosti/Avrora . Karina Saltykov, Sergey Beznosov

At least 4 million tons of grain and leguminous crops it is planned to collect in the Tambov region in the autumn harvesting campaign, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the regional administration.

According to the Deputy Governor of the region Sergey Ivanov, this is a record crop for the region, despite the fact that the harvest this year started with a delay of almost three weeks of annual deadlines due to adverse weather.

«The yield of grain and leguminous crops exceed last year’s level of 10 tons per hectare. In the structure of crops this year significantly increased the share of soy, 80% corn 38% of winter wheat by 16%, sugar beet by 14%, sunflower 13%. The highest yield demonstrates «Brahmacari» from Nikiforovsky district — 74,1 quintals per hectare.

The expected gross grain harvest in the region — at least 4 million tons», — cited the press service Ivanov said at the meeting the Governor of the region Alexander Nikitin.

The Deputy head of the region added that the expected harvest for all crops except vegetables, is higher than the planned figure in the first place, for sunflower and sugar beet. The Governor pointed out that surplus crop of sugar beet can cause problems to manufacturers.

«Farmers must stick to economic feasibility when choosing crops. Practice shows that the passion for the sugar beet creates problems with the processing of roots and distribution of finished products. World sugar prices have dropped significantly. But the need for protein fodder crops — soybean and lupine has increased, due to the needs of livestock,» — said Nikitin.

The Governor urged farmers to plan crop production and compliance with scientific and technical advice in the planning of crop rotation to preserve soil fertility.