In the Vologda region will be employing 2.5 thousand people with disabilities

© Fotolia / SmulskyМужчина with disabilities in a wheelchair. Archival photoIn the Vologda region will be employing 2.5 thousand people with disabilities© Fotolia / Smulsky

About 2.5 thousand working-age disabled people are employed in the Vologda region by the end of this year, reported RIA Novosti, first Deputy Governor Anton Koltsov.

«The strategic goal for the regions — provision of 50% employment of disabled people of working age by 2020. Today, the average employment rate for people with disabilities in Russia — 25%. Our region does not hold up to it only 2%. The results for 2017 this figure should be 31% or 8,812 thousand people», — said Koltsov.

According to him, the situation on employment of persons with disabilities in the region analyzed weekly. Automatically the entire information with the characteristics of job applicants goes to the employment service, and there develop a plan of action for each.

«At the same time in the region the actual problem is run by the employers quotas for employment of persons with disabilities. Four thousand of these jobs vacant 25%. The reason — the overestimated requirements to the candidates. It is not regulated by law, and employers often create their based on own needs», — said the first Deputy Governor.

He noted that at the regional level, prepared the bill providing change of employment quotas for the disabled. According to him, the employer is obliged to meet a quota on employment of disabled people. In addition, he can choose an alternative. For example, to place production orders in the organizations formed by public associations of persons with disabilities, to rent a workplace in respect of the implementation of the law on the quota for another employer.

In addition, on behalf of the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikova, making changes to orders granting subsidies to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, disabled trudoustroitsya excess of the established quota, as well as those who are not subject to employment quotas for disabled people, but trudoustroitsya such.

«It is necessary to improve the mechanism for setting employment quotas for people with disabilities. Need individual work with each disabled person, willing to work, and ongoing effective engagement with employers», — summed up the audience.