«Mail of Russia» tests the transit of parcels from China to Slovenia

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Podgorskiy in fotopakismo in the box. Archival photo«Mail of Russia» tests the transit of parcels from China to Slovenia© RIA Novosti / Alexander Podgorskaya the image Bank

«Mail of Russia» has begun testing a transit of mail from China to Macao, reported to journalists the General Director of the company Nikolay Podguzov.

«Today we started a test sending of mail from China through Mongolia by rail to Slovenia. The first batch of parcels and small packages were first delivered by truck to Ulan Bator, then they are shipped to the post Railways train schedule will be delivered on September 23 in Moscow, after which the vehicles will be delivered to Macao,» — said Podguzov.

«This is an example of an intermodal transit route from Asia to Europe. Moreover, the advantage of this route is that provided by the regularity — once a day this kind of departure can go from Asia to Europe,» he added.

Podguzov said that recently «Mail of Russia» has started a similar pilot project on transit of parcels from Japan in four European countries. According to him, if before the trial has taken 45-60 days, but now, thanks to transit through Russia, the timing will be 18-20 days with possibility to reduce to 2 weeks, while the mail is being sent regularly every day, thanks to regular train Vladivostok-Moscow.

Answering the question of when such transit will become ubiquitous, not test, Podguzov said that it depends on profitability. «The launch of such routes on a regular basis after our colleagues with whom we organized these routes, confirm appropriate volumes. It is important for us to reach volumes that will allow us to make these routes profitable,» — said Podguzov.

«We understand that the transit potential of Russia is significant. Running test routes, we show the performance of this idea, at least from the point of view of mail», — said the head of the company.