Medvedev discussed with Mr Kochavim elimination of consequences of mudslide in Kabardino-Balkaria

© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovici in photobacteria victim of landslide in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. 1 September 2017Medvedev discussed with Mr Kochavim elimination of consequences of mudslide in Kabardino-Balkaria© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovica the image Bank

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the head of Kabardino-Balkaria Yuri Kokovin discussed the recent landslide in the Republic, offered to discuss ways to minimize the effects of emergencies.

Medvedev, opening the meeting recalled that in Kabardino-Balkaria in recent times, there have been several accidents. He asked what measures were being taken for elimination of consequences, including the landslide, and what decisions need to be taken on Federal lines.

«Joint efforts, primarily through the government, Federal Ministers and departments, we have been actively and purposefully to work the first few days, which gave us the opportunity to quickly recover, first, electricity, road and gas», — said the kochs.

The Republic’s authorities are actively cooperating in the framework of the governmental Commission of emergency situations, Ministry of defense, he added. «All this accelerated the process of elimination the most important issues,» — said the head of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Was established air corridor, almost 1.5 thousand people were evacuated from the disaster zone. «Today we can celebrate the fact that people back in the Elbrus region, there is a normal, measured way of life,» — said the kochs. As for Federal highways, which, according to Kokov, in eight parts «was demolished» during emergencies, we are actively working with the Federal road Agency.

The Republic’s authorities are working with the gas corporations for liquidation of consequences of emergencies. «Gas is now about 4 kilometers on a temporary basis, but, nevertheless, he gives us the opportunity to safely heat, and there is no problem,» said kochs. According to him, now «everything is fully» in order to permanently put gas lines on these 4 km, out of coordination with the road, decided to leave and a temporary gas line.

In the Republic did not stop the learning process, although the disaster occurred on the Day of knowledge. «Very beautifully done, I hope that we continue at this pace will complete this work», — said the head of the Republic thanked Medvedev.

Kokov noted that in many respects during emergencies saved from more serious consequences built in the early 2000s protivobolevoe tray. «It is actually now and work,» he said.

«Come on now and talk about this as time to work on pre-emption and to try to maximum extent to prevent possible problems,» said Medvedev.