Roskomnadzor in 2014 removed more than 40 thousand materials with propaganda of ISIS*

© Fotolia / maxkabakovБлокировка access. Archival photoRoskomnadzor in 2014 removed more than 40 thousand materials with propaganda of ISIS*© Fotolia / maxkabakov

Roskomnadzor in the result of joint work with the attorney General and law enforcement agencies in 2014 were removed from the Internet nearly 65 thousand of prohibited materials, of which more than 40 thousand promoted the terrorist group «Islamic state»* (IG*), said the head of control and supervision in the sphere of electronic communications Evgeny Zaytsev.

He recalled that in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Federal law that provides for blocking of information, appeals to extremism. As soon as the GP takes the decision to block, Roskomnadzor is obliged to immediately block the resource.

«Jointly with the General Prosecutor’s office was removed more than 60 thousand. It was a big number — 65 thousand materials. This is especially significant in the context of combating international terrorist organizations. We have, together with colleagues from the Prosecutor General and the power unit on the LIH* removed more than 40 thousand materials,» — said Zaitsev at the all-Russian forum «countering the ideology of terrorism and extremism in the education sector».

He also noted that since November 2012, Roskomnadzor has received about 10 thousand decisions on the recognition of extremist materials, among them — different texts, videos, books and leaflets. Thus in the unified register of prohibited information was made about 30 thousand sites.

«The legislation of the Russian Federation differs in that we focus on the removal of prohibited information and not specific blocked sites. I can say that of the 30 thousand voiced locks, and which have been accepted by those or other acts that were blocked were only 2.6 thousand, and the rest were removed either by the providers or site owners,» — said Zaitsev.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia