Senator Bokova reappointed a member of the Federation Council from the Parliament of the Saratov region

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobacteria of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. Archival photoSenator Bokova reappointed a member of the Federation Council from the Parliament of the Saratov region© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Deputies of the Saratov regional Duma at the meeting on Tuesday approved by the representative in the Federation Council from regional Parliament Lyudmila Bokova, who previously was a Senator from the Executive authorities of the region.

For the candidate Side in a secret ballot voted by a 41 member of the 42 present at the meeting, one opposed.

Side predecessor on a post of the Senator of the legislature of the Saratov region Oleg Alekseev, who was a member of the Federation Council from 28 September 2016, elected on the list of «United Russia» the Deputy of regional Duma, but his candidacy for Senator was not made.

Elected Governor of the region Valery Radaev has informed earlier RIA Novosti that the head of the region a Senator will be appointed head of the regional Glaucus Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Arenin.

Elections of Governor and deputies of regional Duma took place on 10 September. Acting head of the region Valery Radaev scored 74,63% of the vote and was elected Governor of the region for five years. In addition, for the same term elected 45 deputies: 23 on party lists and single-seat districts 22. According to the final election Committee, the EP got 36 seats (18 of them single-mandate), the Communist party — 5, LDPR — 2, «Fair Russia» — 1, another mandate was received by the independent candidate.

Lyudmila Bokova was born in 1978. In 2000 she graduated from the Borisoglebsk state pedagogical Institute, in 2014, — Modern humanitarian Academy, and in 2016 — Russian state University of justice. He worked as a history teacher in gymnasium №1 in the town of Balashov in Saratov region. In 2011, she won the primaries of the Russian popular front in the Saratov region, and then joined the candidates in deputies of the state Duma from the party «United Russia». In December 2011, Bokova was elected Deputy of the state Duma, where he occupied the post of Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education. 24 April 2012 Bokwa was appointed as the representative from Executive power of the Saratov region in the Federation Council, where she was Deputy head of the constitutional Committee. Awarded the medal of the order «For merits before Fatherland» II degree.