«Smart meters» will pay the power company

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Smart meters electricity can cost 3-7 thousand rubles, install them offered through energy companies, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Kravchenko.

The government of the Russian Federation in April in the state Duma introduced a bill on the development of intelligent electricity metering systems, which involves the introduction of «smart meters». According to Kravchenko, the energy Ministry hopes that the first reading of the bill will pass in October, and passed a law maybe by the spring of 2018. The Ministry wants to legislate the requirement to only install smart meters of electricity with the planned replacement of metering devices.

«We have the most simple metering devices cost about 3 thousand rubles, further increase the cost is an additional option. We estimate that they walk between 3 to 7 thousand rubles,» — said Kravchenko.

According to him, to pay for the installation of meters, the energy Ministry proposes to oblige engineers.

«We believe that the reasonable is the design that is implemented in many countries of the world: to free consumers, primarily individuals from this burden and shift the installation of accounting systems and their contents on a qualified subject, who should be the owner of this system and bear all rights and obligations associated with its installation, operation, maintenance and so on. On the one hand, we certainly will reduce the costs of citizens associated with installation and future repairs and calibration of metering devices. On the other hand, an incentive from the electric grid and energy supply organizations have accounting systems and maintain them in proper condition, otherwise they may have problems with payments, losses,» commented Kravchenko.

He said that if the meter will break down and the company will not be able to fix it quickly, «then it will be blamed on loss of power grid companies and affect their financial results, so they will be interested as soon as possible to change these meters as quickly as possible to do everything, otherwise you’ll suffer losses.»

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