The FAS called for the promotion of exports of sugar and intervention

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated in photobacteria the FAS Russia. Archival photoThe FAS called for the promotion of exports of sugar and intervention© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated the image Bank

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the Russian Federation in favour of the promotion of exports of sugar and carrying out interventions instead of a ban on imports, said Deputy head of FAS Andrey Tsyganov.

He noted that in Russia now there is overproduction of sugar. «The market need to sanitize. Naturally, we are always supporters are not prohibitive, protective measures, and measures the exact opposite: instead prohibit the importation of sugar is better to encourage the removal and readjustment of the market through intervention, due to the formation of reserves», — said Roma journalists.

Last week the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation said that the Ministry proposes to limit sugar imports from Kazakhstan and Belarus to protect domestic manufacturers.

Tkachev has told RIA Novosti that last season Russia came in first place in the world production of beet sugar — 6.2 million tons, ahead of countries such as France, USA and Germany. This year, the sown area of sugar beet was increased by 6%, this will allow to produce up to 52 million tons of sugar beet and, consequently, to 6.5 million tons of sugar, said the Minister. According to him, this will allow Russia to maintain world leadership in the production of sugar.

By the end of 2017, Russia may export about 700 thousand tons of beet sugar, which is two times more than in 2016, said Tkachev.