The FAS examines the work of search engines Yandex and Google in Russia

© RIA Novozhilova page of Yandex. Archival photoThe FAS examines the work of search engines Yandex and Google in Russia© RIA Novosti

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) conducting an analysis of Google and «Yandex» on the subject of preferential placement of its resources when it results in search in Russia, company information provided, told reporters the head of Department of information technologies and communications of the FAS Elena zaeva on the sidelines «of the Week competition».

Earlier in an interview with RIA Novosti zaeva talked about carrying out analysis of the largest players in the market of search engines, in particular, «Yandex» and Google for preferential placement of their resources in the search.

At the end of June 2017, the EC fined Google for of 2.42 billion euros for abuse of dominant market position in search engines, the search engine gave preference to its own Google Shopping to search for products on the Internet. The decision directs the company to cease the violations within 90 days. If Google does not fulfill the requirement of the EC, may be fined in the amount of up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover of the parent company Alphabet for each day of default of decisions of the regulator. The FAS said earlier that studying the experience of the EC on this issue.

«The information we gave the final all subjects of the market a few days ago. Google has extended the deadline for submitting information and gave recently information. We are now studying,» said zaeva.

According to her, the FAS requested the answers to their questions, without reference to the case of the European Commission. «On the question of ranking answers in the search» she said what information was requested. «At the moment all provided, we are still learning,» — said the representative of the FAS.