The Founder «Of The», Kituashvili rejected allegations of fraud

© Photo : AGN «Moscow» / Anton Kardashov consideration of the criminal case against Eric Kituashvili in Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow. 19 Sep 2017The Founder «Of The», Kituashvili rejected allegations of fraud© Photo : AGN «Moscow» / Anton Kardashov

The founder of the community «of the» the new Eric «Davidovich» Kituashvili accused of insurance fraud and money laundering, has denied any involvement in the crime, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the audience of the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow.

The court on Tuesday started hearings on the merits of the criminal case. After the announcement of the indictment the Prosecutor, Kituashvili said that his guilt does not recognize.

Kituashvili, is charged with three counts of fraud: one episode concerns the staging of the theft of three insured cars — a Lexus LS430, Mercedes SL 55 AMG, BMW М5l and obtaining for them false documents insurance reimbursement.

The second charge was filed for the legalization of funds obtained from insurance companies, third — staged carjacking Kargopol’skaya street in Moscow BMW 745i and getting a car for 1.2 million roubles of insurance payments.

The total damage police estimated at about 10 million rubles.