The state Duma believes the decision on Beslan politicized

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotobanka plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Archival photoThe state Duma believes the decision on Beslan politicized© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The ECHR decision on the terrorist attack in Beslan politicized, it should put the question on further cooperation with this institution, said the head of the Duma Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious organisations Sergey Gavrilov.

In a release sent to RIA Novosti the message of the court it is reported that on Tuesday, the ECtHR did not reconsider the decision on the terrorist attack in Beslan, Russia should pay the plaintiffs compensation in the amount of 2.9 million euros.

«Russia is losing confidence in this institution, and we should raise the question at all on further cooperation with the ECHR,» — said Gavrilov RIA Novosti.

«I think that the question is largely political, politicized … because it took some time, began to be forgotten and need to actualize the problem of terrorism in Russia again, because in Europe punctually attacks occur in Russia, they can be avoided,» — said the Deputy.

According to the parliamentarian, this is a very dangerous trend that can «push Russia to a greater distance from the Council of Europe and to a more strict filtering and additional monitoring, including enforcement of ECHR judgments». «I think this situation could boomerang to hit and the reputation and authority of the ECHR, from the point of view of lawsuits and complaints by the decision of domestic disputes,» he added.

Responding to a question about whether Russia to pay compensation according to the decision of the ECHR, the Deputy noted that it is necessary to wait.

«We’ll see how it will take place. It seems to me that Russia needs to adopt a more rigid position of principle in terms of escalating sanctions, the wave of slander against Russia, the military tensions on the borders, change the attitude to the institution, as times have changed and the time of illusions has passed,» he concluded.