The wolves came into the post of head of Mordovia Republic

© RIA Novosti / Yulia to Customability in potomacfever wolves. archival photoThe wolves came into the post of head of Mordovia Republic© RIA Novosti / Yulia to Customapache the image Bank

Vladimir Volkov, who won the election, on Tuesday assumed the post of head of Mordovia.

At the inauguration ceremony attended by the members of the Federation Council, state Duma deputies, heads of local authorities, heads of enterprises, honorable citizens of the Republic. In addition, among the guests of the Governor of Samara region Nikolai Merkushkin (previously headed Mordovia), the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev, the delegation of Tatarstan, the Chuvash Republic, the Saratov region.

In the hall make the flag of the Russian Federation and Mordovia, and the meeting of the state Assembly is declared open. Then the Chairman of the Republican Central election Commission Alexander Kosov voiced the results of the elections of the head region. Stream is on the official website of the Republican Parliament.

Then wolves took the oath: «I Swear in exercising the powers of the head of Republic Mordovia to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to abide by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal laws, the Constitution of the Republic of Mordovia and the laws of the Republic of Mordovia, conscientiously fulfill the duties entrusted to me, to faithfully serve the people of the Russian Federation».

After that Volkov was awarded the symbol of state power – a sign of the head of Republic of Mordovia.

«All these areas require not only significant financial support but also training of highly qualified specialists that you are paying attention. Investment in education, training science and production has become an integral part of a modern stage of development of Mordovia Republic. The Republic remains the leading agricultural region of the Volga region… Convinced that an important international event, the world Cup in 2018, in Mordovia will take place at the highest level… I Wish you to realize all the plans,» — said the envoy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on 12 April was appointed the head of the Republic Vladimir Volkov, whose term expired in may, the acting head of the region. On elections of the head of the Republic, which took place on 10 September, Volkov voted 89,19% of voters.