In Ugra, discussed the project of the future coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova photolanguage in Russia. Khanty-Mansiysk. Archival photoIn Ugra, discussed the project of the future coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district — Yugra was held a discussion of the project of a new emblem of the region with the participation of representatives of indigenous peoples of the North, scientists and social activists, told RIA Novosti the regional center «Open region».

Today, Ugra is the only region of the Ural Federal district, having duly registered the state symbols. Work on the coat of arms of the Autonomous region — one of the areas of large-scale historical project «the long Ugra», approved in late April by the regional government.

Sketch of the new coat of arms of Yugra was represented in June by Dmitry Ivanov, a member of the Guild of heraldic artists of Russia. The main heraldic sign, according to the authors, should carry information about the rich history of the land, which «is an independent and self-sufficient region steeped in centuries of history».

«Indigenous peoples of the North, scientists and social activists discussed the project of the future symbol of the region — coat of arms at the meeting of the working group. The idea to participate in the discussion of the coat of arms was supported by many of the Ugrian people. Residents believe that our district should have a decent character that corresponds to the status of a region and its history. In addition, it must meet all the heraldic rules,» — said in an «Open region.»

Members of the working group proposed to deviate from the classic black image of a bear, adding that to make this Golden figure, as this color is the symbol of eternity. Indigenous peoples of the North, in turn, suggested animal-saturates — white horse, which is a symbol of goodness, justice and fortitude.

«It is mandatory on the coat of arms should have banners or flags that hold the chargers, and shows the two symbols of the Principality — Kondinskogo and Ugra. They were held in the Complete Collection of laws of the Russian Empire and the approved description of the greater coat of arms of the Russian Empire in 1856. Binding the crown. Everything else can vary», — quotes the website «Open region — Yugra» the words of the head of Department of awards of the Governor of the district of Yulia Tolstoguzova.

As explained in the government of the region, the public debate will continue, and a number of proposals by members of the working group will form the basis of the new symbol of the Autonomous Okrug.