Reports of «mining» buildings in Tula have not been confirmed

© Fotolia / liisetПанорама Tula. Archival photoReports of «mining» buildings in Tula have not been confirmed© Fotolia / liiset

Information on a mining of buildings in Tula, which caused the mass evacuation turned out to be false; police identify the authors of communications, said in the release management of the Affairs of the region.

On Wednesday in Tula after an anonymous message about the bomb scare massively evacuated shopping malls and office buildings. According to local media, evacuated schools, fairs, markets, tested houses. Check the near objects overlap movement.

«The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Tula region reported about a mining of buildings in the city of Tula. Law enforcement agencies carried out the necessary checks, during which nothing dangerous was found. Currently, the persons who made the reports», — is spoken in the message.

A wave of anonymous calls about «mining» of various administrative and commercial buildings continues in Russia in the second week. Security forces examined the bomb threat was never confirmed. Because of this, starting September 12 in cities of Russia in total evacuated more than 300 thousand people.

Last week, a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that calls with threats of «mining» in Russia initiated by people associated with the banned group «Islamic state». According to him, a number of direct executors of calls that are abroad and will be declared wanted.