Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of interior for eight months seized 75.5 thousand «grey» sim card

© Fotolia / Nomad_SoulSIM card. Archival photoRoscomnadzor and the Ministry of interior for eight months seized 75.5 thousand «grey» sim card© Fotolia / Nomad_Soul

Roskomnadzor together with the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for 8 months 75,505 seized thousands of illegally sold sim-cards in Russia, said the head of Department of control and supervision in the field of communications, Roskomnadzor Denis Paltsin.

At the same time in 2016 was withdrawn in 2,5 times less, than in January-August this year — 30,546 thousand sim-cards.

To detect and interdict illicit sim cards was conducted in the reporting period, 727 of events. For comparison, in 2016, these events were held 777, cited data Paltsin on the forum SPECTRUM-2017.

Roskomnadzor in 2016 in Association with the Ministry of interior measures to verify the legality of the implementation of sim-cards. In addition to raids by points of sale, Roskomnadzor also applies preventive forms of outreach — seminars, video conferencing, online conference, social advertising. Autumn at the Federal and regional television stations began airing video about the need to purchase sim cards exclusively with the conclusion of the contract with the operator.

June 1, 2018 in the Russian Federation comes into force a law aimed at combating illegal distribution of sim cards. The operator will be required to verify the accuracy of information about the subscriber. If the information is not confirmed, the operator shall suspend the provision of communications services.