Ryazan oblast is a leader in implementing the may decrees in the sphere of economy

© RIA Novosti / Igor Vinogradova in fotobounce at the Ryazan Kremlin. Archival photoRyazan oblast is a leader in implementing the may decrees in the sphere of economy© RIA Novosti / Igor Vinogradova the image Bank

Ryazan oblast led the top 10 subjects of Russia, leading to the execution of the may presidential decrees in the sphere of economy, said on Tuesday the government of region with reference to the research company «Medialogia».

«May decrees» — wide program for the development of social guarantees, which Mr Putin outlined in 2012, immediately after the inauguration of the President, fulfilling his campaign promises. In August, the company «Medialogia» has conducted monitoring of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The study, in particular, concerned the implementation of the decree No. 596 «On long-term state economic policy», signed by Putin in may 2012. In this document, in particular, the tasks of modernization and innovative development of the economy, increase investment, strengthen high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries, to improve conditions of doing business.

«According to the report, Ryazan oblast was the first in the top 10 among the regions of the Russian Federation», — stated in the message.

As noted by the regional government, the execution of the may decrees is under special control of the regional authorities. In particular, in August 2017 Governor Nikolai Lyubimov signed an agreement of cooperation with PJSC «farmimeks», OOO «EKO-Zoloprodukt. Invest», LLC «Ryazan vegetables» and «PG Samotlor-NN».

In the framework of the signed agreements in the Ryazan region it is planned to implement the most important projects for the region in the field of construction, engineering, agriculture and health. The company «farmimeks» intends to open a factory for the manufacture of blood products full cycle. OOO «EKO-Zoloprodukt. Invest» is going to build in Kasimovsky district Cisinski lime combine. LLC «PG Samotlor-NN» will produce equipment for agriculture, including tractors, thereby contributing to the restoration of the traditional Ryazan region agricultural engineering. In plans of the enterprise «Ryazan vegetables» – construction of a greenhouse complex that will provide residents of the region-quality and environmentally friendly products. All projects aimed at import substitution and will open 1370 new jobs, including high-tech, attractive to young people.

According to the regional Governor Nikolai Lyubimov, the creation of new jobs is one of the tasks set in the may decrees. «In the decrees of the head of state marked the main vectors of economic and social policies of the country. In General, they are aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of people. So to ensure the unconditional implementation of the decrees in the region to me is a matter of honor,» — said the head of the region.

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