The CEC head praised the results of the abolition of absentee

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in fotoreceptor the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova. Archival photoThe CEC head praised the results of the abolition of absentee© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

The application of the election on 10 September of a new voting mechanism for the actual location without having to take absentee ballots has fully justified itself, individual issues and shortcomings will be discussed in the framework of the round table on the CEC platform on 28-29 September, said the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova.

A new mechanism was used in the single voting day on September 10 in twenty regions, which held elections of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation and deputies of regional parliaments. For inclusion in the voter list on the other site of the citizen could Lodge a complaint to your election Committee at the place of registration or the electoral Commission at the place of actual residence, it is possible to make it in the period of 45 days before the election, the deadline is 5 days before the vote. Voters, in the last days before the election (in 4 days) have decided to vote on another site, could also issue a special statement with a protective mark in your precinct electoral Commission.

Pamfilova stressed that in General this new mechanism, on the one hand, «larger is cheaper», with another – it creates an additional control system.

«We can conclude that the new mechanism is fully justified. However, his implementation took place in a very strict time frame, six months ago, few believed that it is possible in principle. Remember the great wave of criticism we’ve faced,» said Pamfilova.

She expressed confidence that in the near future all participants of the electoral process more deeply delve into a new mechanism, then all claims will generally be charged.

«We specifically tested this engine to see where any flaws that still need to Polish off, to improve, to remove the problems if they arise. I think we will also discuss at the round table 28-29 September, let’s your suggestions, will be glad of information from those who spent the election campaign in the twenty regions,» — said the CEC head.