The Deputy from «the Apple» in Moscow will appeal against the CEC mandate deprivation

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in fotosencibilization in a single day of voting at the polling station. Archival photoThe Deputy from «the Apple» in Moscow will appeal against the CEC mandate deprivation© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

The Deputy from the «Apple» in Chekhov situated near Moscow Nikolay Dizhur appeal against the CEC decision on deprivation of the mandate, the press service of the party.

«Today, 19 September, the territorial election Commission (TEC) of the city district of Chekhov in the Moscow region took the decision to withdraw the parliamentary mandate from Nikolay Dizhur. He led the party list «the Apple», which in the elections of 10 September received almost 7% of the vote. Its decision, the Commission substantiated by the fact that Dujour allegedly did not have time in five days after the announcement of the election results to file a notice of addition from itself powers of the Deputy of the Council of Serpukhov region. And the law forbids to be a member of two councils at the same time», — stated in the message.

Dujour and the leadership of the branch of Yabloko in the Moscow region argue that the procedure has been performed in a timely manner: TIK informed the Deputy election sms text message 13 Sep, thus, the five-day count must begin with the following day — September 14.

«However, the Commission referred to the fact that information about the official election results were posted on September 12 in a local newspaper. While personal contact with Digora the Commission did not go», — noted in party.

The leader of branch of party Alexander Gunko reported that the decision of the Serpukhov Council on the resignation of Dujour received on Monday, then it was handed over to the election Commission of Chekhov district. However, it said that timing out.

«Gunko, the Commission’s decision will be appealed to the electoral Commission of the Moscow region, and in the case of a negative outcome in the CEC. «Yabloko» has already sent an appeal, which requires the CEC head Ella Pamfilova to cancel the decision of the TEC Chekhov district and disband it,» said the party.

«I believe my rights are being violated elected Deputy and law 1537 of voters Chekhov district, who gave their votes for the party list «the Apple» have entrusted me to represent their interests in the Council», — quotes the press-service of the word Dizhur.