The media found out, what trump pays for lawyers for the «Russian case»

© AFP 2017 / Robyn uspresident the United States Donald trump. Archival photoThe media found out, what trump pays for lawyers for the «Russian case»© 2017 AFP / Robyn Beck

The President of the United States Donald trump uses his staff to his re-election and Republican national Committee party for payment of services of lawyers according to the «Russian case», reports Reuters citing two people familiar with the situation.

According to the Agency, the Federal election Commission allows US to use funds of the election headquarters to pay for lawyers, which are associated with a candidate or elected politician. According to relevant experts, in previous campaigns such funds are used only for payment of normal expenditures. Thus, trump could become the first U.S. President, who uses campaign funds to pay expenses in connection with the investigation.

According to informed source Agency, the first payment, the size of which is not yet defined, already implemented and they will be published. It is expected that the national Committee of the Republican party will publish the expenditures for August on Wednesday, and the headquarters of the trump shall disclose information on 15 October, the Agency reports.

One of the main trump’s lawyers, John Dowd, declined to comment. The representative of the Republican Committee also declined to comment and only said that the Committee paid for legal expenses associated with the campaign, but not associated with Russia. According to him, the Republican Committee has a legal defense Fund, which was used mainly for counting of votes on election day, and other ordinary legal issues.

In the U.S. Congress go the independent investigation into the alleged intervention of Russia in the United States presidential election, won by Donald trump. A similar investigation leads the FBI. The American media regularly reports, as a rule, with reference to unnamed sources about the contacts of the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump with Russian officials and businessmen. Russia has repeatedly denied these accusations.