The scientists said the danger of sleep on Board

© Fotolia / Pavel LosevskyПассажиры in the plane. Archival photoThe scientists said the danger of sleep on Board© Fotolia / Pavel Losevsky

Passengers sleeping during takeoff or landing, you risk to cause irreparable damage to your hearing. It is reported by the Independent, citing a study by Harvard medical school.

It is noted that at the time elevation changes, many people have «ears» due to the fact that the pressure outside the ear is not the same as pressure inside. As a rule, this effect can be eliminated if the yawn or breath, opening a small channel in the ear called the Eustachian tube.

However, if the passenger is asleep on the plane, he can’t equalize pressure in the eardrum in a similar way. The result of the ear canal can become blocked, leading to aural barotrauma.

As researchers found, in severe cases, when the Eustachian tube is blocked for a long period of time, may develop the infection that causes the formation of fluid behind the eardrum and lead to hearing problems and pain.

As highlighted in the study, the risk of disease development can be avoided if you refrain from sleeping during the climb and descent of the aircraft.