To reduce workload in driving schools would be wrong, experts say

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To reduce the volume of training in driving schools, with the potential separation of drivers into enthusiasts and professionals it would be wrong, said to RIA Novosti, the experts commenting on the proposal of the Union of driving schools of Moscow to divide all drivers into two categories and not overload fans with unnecessary skills.

The newspaper «Izvestia» reported that from the Union of driving schools of Moscow appealed to the head of traffic police with a proposal to divide all drivers into two categories: Amateurs and professionals. According to the Chairman of the Union Alexander Achkasova, the teaching load for fans can be reduced by about 30%, and for the professionals to organize the training better.

The head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev has told RIA Novosti that he considers the initiative to divide the drivers are justified.

«In this case, I think that drivers really need to share. For those who carry passengers, drives trucks and works in public transport, training should be more skilled — and from the perspective of psychological training and practical driving. There is a special training for escultorico, for the people that control the towed car and so on. People should be the inscription: «With the ability to work for hire.» Similarly, as in many States that value road safety,» — shared his opinion of the channel.

According to him, professionals hours of learning you can really increase. But to reduce hours of training in driving schools for drivers who intend to use the car only for personal purposes, it would be wrong. According to him, they need to keep practical watch and implement them to the maximum to really teach them how to drive a car, «and not only manage it in landfills». In addition, it is important to teach them and psychological resilience, he said.

«Second, what is important for them to leave, a test of psychological stability to understand that a person can really control the car. As well as training in terms of emergency situations, including in case of accident. And everything else he needs. But for professional drivers it takes much more skill» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In turn, the head of Board of legal protection of automobile owners Victor Travin considers that any driver takes on more responsibility, but because of the separation of Amateurs and professionals in this business should not be.

«Once we had it: drivers-motorists and drivers are professionals, but the work was only open to professionals. Then refused it because it can’t be a surgeon-Amateur surgeon and professional. If we trust the life-surgeon as we put our lives and the driver, probably, he should always be professional. To me the word «Amateur» has always alarmed, it’s like some kind of Amateur. Any sense I do not see this,» said Travin.

He suggested that such an initiative can also pursue Mercantile goals. «Perhaps this is the purpose of schools is to lure the customers want from an Amateur become a professional — come to us to be retrained. People want to fight their legislative initiative to his income, because it is clear that from an Amateur become a professional will have by re-teaching, and means of payment. So the lover went worse, and professional went better? This can not be. The driver may come in handy for absolutely everything,» concluded the expert.