Voluntary surrender: the accused in the murder of a powerlifter surrendered to law enforcement

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotobanka. Archival photoVoluntary surrender: the accused in the murder of a powerlifter surrendered to law enforcement© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

Resident of Khabarovsk Krai Imran Aliyar oglu of allahveranov, accused of killing a world and European champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev, a month after the tragedy, surrendered to law enforcement.

On the morning of 20 August at the cafe «Gallery» in the centre of Khabarovsk, there was a conflict between the 32-year-old by Bastard and a 25-year Allahveranov who is professionally engaged in martial sports. As a result, Drachev got hit, fell down and lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital where he died, according to preliminary data from traumatic brain injury. The second participant of fight from a scene disappeared. Criminal case about murder.

Allahveranov has been declared in Federal and international search and arrested in absentia. For information about his whereabouts, the police promised a reward of 500 thousand rubles. Was looking for it a month.


As has informed on Tuesday a press-service UFSB across Khabarovsk territory, allahveranov presented himself to the investigation Committee.

«As a result of complex operative-investigative activities conducted by the Khabarovsk FSB together with the interior Ministry, Anar of allahveranov was inclined to surrender,» said the spokesman.

In turn, the investigative Committee in the region confirmed that the investigators interrogated the accused, after which Allahveranov had to send in Khabarovsk SIZO-1.

The Ministry clarified that allahveranov is accused under article «murder with aggravating circumstances — from hooligan promptings», punishment on which provides till 20 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.

According to the UK, only in the investigation of the case was questioned over 40 people and conducted more than 20 inspections of the scene, seizures and searches. Was appointed fingerprint, medical, quotes of forensic examination, and seized the footage and the resulting videos from the phones of eyewitnesses.

Answer on all severity of the law

According to the lawyer Evgeny Shvetsov, relatives lifter rely on the maximum punishment for the accused in the murder. «Family Grachevich hopes for fair and equitable under the law, that punishment is a deliberate crime», — told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, the family’s lawyer.

He noted that the accused had previously come to the attention of law enforcement, and his brother is currently serving a sentence for beating a man. According to Shvetsova, a few years ago a criminal group, which included two brothers, was exposed by police.

The lawyer expressed doubt that between the Bastard and Allahveranov could be a long hostile relationship. «The offence is committed not on the grounds of hostile relations because of the relationship they had not clashed with anyone,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier it was reported that after the murder of Andrey Drachev, whom all his friends described as kind and calm person, athletes of strength sports and combats of Khabarovsk were preparing the petition that the perpetrator has suffered just punishment, and how to avoid similar situations in the future.

Check Regardie

After the story of the murder Drachev investigative Committee opened a criminal case of negligence against employees of Regardie who came on the scene, but as believes a consequence, did not take measures to prevent the tragedy. The punishment under this article provides till five years of imprisonment. Their own investigation was conducted and Asgardia.